Have you ever wondered why artificial turf is becoming popular in residential and commercial areas? It is because of the irresistible advantages and the comfort artificial turf provides. If you are tired of mowing and fertilizing natural grass, you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn why most people prefer artificial turf over natural grass. The most significant reasons are given below:

Enhance the aesthetics:

The evergreen feature of the synthetic turf appeals to many customers. Natural grass does not provide this benefit even with high maintenance and management. It is destined to fall in autumn and gets dry in winter. Dried grass not only devoid your children and pets of the playing area but also decreases your house’s aesthetics. Colour dyes are added in the manufacturing process to give it a lush green appearance. Sometimes the dyes are blended with different hues to make the turf look more natural.


Installation of artificial turf in your lawns or backyards is economical and cost-effective in the long run. It will temporarily cause money expenditure on the purchase and installment process of the turf. But, after that, it will save your maintenance cost as it does not require any. You do not need to spend money on fertilizers, mowing machines, or pesticides. It does not require irrigation and watering. It saves both your maintenance cost and the time you must spend on management. You will need to water it only to clean the dirt and debris off the turf.

Ductility and durability:

Artificial turf is designed for long-term outdoor use. It can bear heavy foot traffic without getting damaged. You can buy synthetic turf according to the foot traffic in the area. You should purchase turf with greater face weight if it is a sports stadium. Artificial turf with high face weight can bear heavy foot traffic, jumping, and running. Pet-friendly artificial turf also has more face weight to combat the vigorous jumping and playing of the pets. Landscape turf usually has a low face weight because of decreased foot traffic.


One of the reasons to prefer artificial grass over natural grass is that it is eco-friendly. Gas-powered lawn mower machines cause air pollution. They add carbon monoxide and other harmful gases to the air. In contrast, artificial turf does not require mowing or fertilizing. So, it cannot be an environmental hazard.

Safe for pets and children:

Artificial turf ensures the safety and protection of your kids and pets. It is composed of raw material that does not contain heavy metals like lead and mercury. So it is not harmful to your pets and kids. The rainwater makes the natural grass slippery and muddy. So there is a chance that your kids might slip and get injured. But, artificial turf has a proper drainage system that immediately removes the water and prevents such injuries. Some pets have the habit of digging in the grass and creating a mess. But, no mud or soil is associated with turf, and it gives a clean look.


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