Alibaba is one of the best-certified companies that are famous for providing high-quality goods and all items. These items may include householders, groceries, business-related goods, or more in the same line. You can have whatever you want.

In the same cause, you can also get a realistic inflatable gorilla costume these costumes are made by using different strategies so that you can enjoy your day with comfort and more. You can get these inflatable gorilla costumes at a wholesale rate as well.

So in this article, you are going to know about the inflatable gorilla costume and all the information related to its companies that are working with Alibaba. If you want to get an inflatable gorilla costume you can check the link mentioned above. So let’s check out.

Realistic Inflatable Gorilla Costume

Get a Halloween push with an inflatable gorilla costume. This company provides realistic and high-quality yet comfortable. It also includes a safety belt so that you do not get harmed if you accidentally fall. The material used to make this inflatable gorilla costume is cotton.

Technically it is handmade and used for advertising for fun days like holidays. Halloween or more. The services of this company are verified by the best association of Alibaba. So that you can make your order even more protectable and full of quality.

Important Details to Know

  • It is an animal type of mascot
  • Its accessories include a cool fan, helmet, slippers, and bag
  • It is almost 2.6m flurry gorilla inflatable gorilla costume
  • This product also includes OEM
  • Natural realistic color
  • Can be used at all festivals
  • Single item selling unit
  • Customize packing or color according to the needs of customers

Premium Quality Inflatable Gorilla Costume

Moving towards another great supplier of inflatable gorilla costumes. The feature of having this product is you will get super comfort. It can be used at party’s events, festivals, or more, it is very lightweight and easy to carry so that you may not get tired soon.

It is actually very easy to install and it also contains a cooling fan. Its total need is almost AA batteries just 4 pieces to work properly. This feature makes this inflatable gorilla costume even more comfortable and easy to wear. Let’s check its important features.

Important Details to Know

  • Colors include natural inflatable gorilla color
  • One size fits all. For adults
  • Made up of high-quality PVC fabric
  • It is waterproof and has polyester material
  • Inflatable costume with mini blower and a blower battery box
  • Delivery time is almost 15 to 30 working days
  • Overall weight is almost 1 kg per pcs.
  • Can be used for all festivals
  • Customize packing according to the demand of customers.

Sum up

In this article, you have learned about inflatable gorilla costumes and the companies that supply inflatable gorilla costumes. You can order these inflatable gorilla costumes according to occur demands. Hopefully, this article was helpful to get all the information of your need.


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