If you are constantly pulling out the same pair of shoes for all your casual outfits, this article is for you. Many women have a go-to pair of shoes, and while we understand that you’re comfortable in them, we also want you to explore other shoe options because why not?

This season, change your feet routine with some creative and helpful ideas we will be sharing. From bold colors to heels and sneakers, we will be revealing a wide range of shoes you can rock with your shewin casual wearing

1. Jeans and Sneakers 

When people mention casuals, one of the first things that come to mind is jeans. Denim is easy to wear, and they go well with a variety of shoes.

In recent times, women have been spotted wearing sneakers even with the most unexpected dresses; however, one style that will always remain in fashion is the jeans and sneakers combination. With almost any style and pattern of jeans, you can make a grand entrance with a pair of sneakers.

2. Dresses and Flat Sandals

You can pair up that casual dress with a pair of sandals and appear anywhere looking good. Flat sandals and dresses go together, and they complement each other; notwithstanding the type or length of the dress, one piece of footwear you should consider is a pair of flat sandals. Your combination will look effortless yet gorgeous.

3. Statement Heels

While this may not instantly come off as a shoe option for a casual outfit, you can try it out to be convinced. As the name implies, Statement heels are bound to make a statement when you walk into a gathering. They can take your casual outfit from basic to glamorous in an instant. You can pair your statement heels with jeans, a lovely little skirt, or even a dress.

4. Square-Toe Sandals

One beautiful fashion item making a gradual entrance into the fashion space is square-toe sandals. These sandals are slip-on, and you can wear them with a variety of clothes. They come in various heel lengths and colors, but one main feature that makes them distinct is the shape of the toe area. The opening of the sandals is square-shaped, and it allows women to show off their toes. This footwear is excellent for simple casuals such as dresses, jumpsuits, palazzos, etc.

5. Clogs and Mules

Clogs and mules are great options for women who don’t want to show off their toes. Well, with these options, you can have your toes covered and away from the public gaze. However, this footwear come with a back opening that makes them very comfortable and easy to wear.


Your days of worrying about the right shoe to pair with your casual outfits are over. With these options, you can change your shoe game to a more exciting and adventurous experience. Casual outfits without the right shoes can look bland and boring; however, your outlook can be better with great shoe combinations.


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