A viral video of someone cleaning a tile floor is quite satisfying if you enjoy watching it. There is nothing have satisfaction than using a pressure washer to clean your surfaces.

A pressure washer machine comes packaged with different equipment to clean all the dirt and debris on the surface. It is the most valuable power tool in a homestead.

An Overview of Pressure Washers

You can take any pressure washer machine, but you should look at some things before making your purchase.


Pound per square inch shows the water pressure delivery of the machine. Pressure washers with a high PSI will clean all dirt, debris and stains than the device’s lower pound per square inch. Most electric pressure ranges from 1600 PSI to 2300PSI, while the gas pressure washer range from 2700 PSI TO 4400 psi.


Before you buy a pressure washer, look at your safety. These machines have robust gas modules, this one can cause injuries. Make sure you wear safety clothes when using a pressure washer.

Another thing is to look at the nozzles. Most machines come with interchangeable nozzles. It is advisable to use the least powerful, and then you can keep upgrading as you get experience in the device. Also, make sure to position yourself four feet from what you are cleaning when you are cleaning.


The work for GPM or gallons per minute is to measure the volume of water delivered by the pressure washer machine. This is an indication of how your device will work. If your machine has a higher GPM, the pressure washer machine will clean faster than the lower one.

This factor goes hand in hand with a the storage tank. A smaller tank may not make it to deliver the expected gallons per minute thus reducing the desired pressure. It however, depends on the surface you are cleaning and the type of machine in use.

Best Pressure Washer Machines to Buy

Sun Joe

If you are looking for an affordable, portable and simple machine, look for Sun Joe. It is an electric pressure washer, the lightest because it weighs only 27.6 pounds. Sun Joe has a dual detergent tank to house different cleaning solvents. Also, it has five spray tips that allow versatility to complete cleaning tasks from sliding to cars, boats and decking.


It is the most expensive pressure washer. It has five quick- connects sprays tips, a GPM of 2.5 and a PSI of 3,200. People love it because it’s robust and durable—the machines favour’s performance for DIYers. The only negativity it has is 65 pounds, which is heavy to transport.

1900 PSI 1.2 GPM Electric Pressure Washer.

It offers the best combination of performance and value. It has a GPM of 1.2, suitable for smaller jobs like mildewing your deck and cleaning dirt. It weighs 22.7pounds which makes it moderate for handling. The only negative thing, it can only do simple tasks.

There is every machine that sort’s everyone. Suppose you love the light one, heavy, which can do moderate work. Visit giraffetool.com/collections, and you will get the pressure washer of your choice at an affordable price.


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