The Droopls

is a full-featured iOS control panel for your droplets, snapshots, images and domains of DigitalOcean™. The Droopls supports all DigitalOcean functions.

Download on the AppStore


Manage droplets

  • view a list of droplets and their current status
  • view detailed information about Droplet
  • actions: destroy, reboot, power on, power off, rename, restore, resize and etc
  • view a droplet history
  • create new droplets
  • restore from a snapshot

Manage snapshots and backups

  • take snapshots
  • delete snapshots
  • transfer snapshots between regions
  • convert backups to snapshots
  • rename snapshots

Manage domains

  • create domains
  • delete domains
  • view domain records
  • delete records

And many other things

  • Manage SSH Key
  • Passcode and Touch ID authentication
  • 1Password integration